Ethereum Classic is a next-generation blockchain platform for a new internet infrastructure. Featuring a flexible and intuitive smart contract programming platform that is powered by its associated token, ETC, Ethereum Classic has the potential to dramatically enhance the ways that information and value are shared in the digital economy. For that reason, we believe that Ethereum Classic may one day be the substrate for a global, secure, and decentralized Internet of Things (IoT).

In order to evaluate the investment opportunity presented by ETC, we propose using a similar framework to the one used in our previous study on Bitcoin (Bitcoin & the Rise of Digital Gold). This is because, like Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic seeks to preserve the foundational principles of decentralization and immutability.

Explore our findings in greater depth in our Into the Ether with Ethereum Classic report, which covers:

  • The origins of Ethereum & Ethereum Classic
  • The investment opportunity that ETC presents as a store-of-value commodity that can power the IoT
  • How a strategic allocation to ETC can improve the efficiency of investor portfolios

Download the full Into the Ether with Ethereum Classic report below.